View Full Version : Connecting one Squeezebox Boom to speakers in two rooms?

2011-10-16, 11:29
Hi all

Firstly, thanks to everyone who contributes to these forums regularly - a great resource for us know-nowts! :)

I am trying to work out how to hook up my Squeezebox Boom such that I can have speakers in my living room (surround sound system) and also in my dining room.

I currently have my Boom in the living room hooker up to a powered Creative 2.1 system using the headphone out jack. What I would like to do is move this 2.1 system into my dining room and hook the Boom up to both this system and a new 5.1 surround sound system I am buying for my living room.

Does anybody know how I would do this? I assume I need to buy some sort of amp that I can connect my Boom (and TV) to, which could drive both the living room 5.1 and the dining room 2.1? This assumption is based on reading a few posts suggesting that a RCA splitter wouldn't do the trick?

Sorry if that's a bit vague, I am a real newcomer to this sort of thing!

Thanks for your help


2011-10-16, 13:07
Why not just buy a SB TOUCH for the other system. Then you can synch the two players or not. No wires needed to connect the boom to 2nd system.