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2011-10-13, 08:11
Had to download SBox after prob with puter. Now can't post to FaceBook. I can play music but on the website Myplayer says not connected and have FB Icon installed but it won't post like before...

2011-10-13, 08:59
If your player is connected to SBS on your computer then your player is not connected to MySB.com online, so MySB.com is correctly reporting your player as "not connected".

If you want to use SBS then you need to make sure your MySB login is entered on SBS > Settings > MySqueezeBox.com, make sure there is no "invalid" message (password will correctly show as blank).
Now your Facebook and other Apps should be seen by SBS and players connected to SBS.

Or, connect your player directly to MySB.com, now it will show your player as "connected".

2011-10-13, 10:04
I'm not sure if it's fixed but a few weeks ago posting with Logitech's Facebook App was broken.