View Full Version : Unable to stream Slacker or Pandora on Squeezebox 2

2011-10-12, 19:27
Hello everyone; thanks for your help in advance.

I have a strange issue where I am able to connect to the squeezebox server just fine with my Squeezebox 2 and play music from my iTunes collection just fine; but am unable to get any Slacker or Pandora songs to play.

When I try to play Slacker/Pandora songs, the song title / artist comes up and it says "Connecting" at the top for about 10 seconds then it moves on to the next song doing the same thing. During the 10 seconds, no music is played at all. It just tries to connect to different songs for about 10 seconds over and over.

My friend and I tried playing Slacker/Pandora from the Squeezebox Server web app and it's doing the same thing.

If anyone has any troubleshooting suggestions; they would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much.

2011-10-12, 19:35
We installed the softsqueeze client on his PC and pandora and slacker play through that without an issue, so it seems to be an issue with the squeezebox player not the server software.

2011-10-13, 02:19
Can you play other Apps fine? Verified your MySB login info is correct in SBS > Settings > www.MySqueezeBox.com?

Don't use the software player, Pandora cannot be played with it (and possibly Slacker, I don't know). I'd uninstall it for now.