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Derrick Abeyta
2004-10-08, 12:36
Thanks guys, it was the QT thing. I was using 6.4. It's playing

On Friday, October 8, 2004, at 12:07 PM, kdf wrote:

> also, make sure you have the latest quicktime install (which may be
> included
> with iTunes)
> then check server settings, file types, and make sure that AAC to WAV
> or AAC to
> AIFF are checked. AAC to mp3 isn't necessary if you have your
> squeezebox wired
> (wireless would default to mp3, in which case you need LAME, or to set
> the
> player settings, audio, bitrate limiting to 'no limit').
> if you still have trouble, go into server settings, debugging, check
> d_source.
> open a browser to http://serverIP:9000/log.txt
> start playing a track
> refresh the log.txt browser window to see the results of the attempt
> to play.
> You will see the command being used to play the track, and any
> resulting
> errors.
> -kdf
> Quoting Jon Danforth <jdanforth (AT) sc (DOT) rr.com>:
>> On my server PC, I had to install iTunes to make this work. I never
>> *run* iTunes on that PC but that solved it for me. I think that the
>> Apple lossless codec has to be installed by iTunes for the playback
>> to work.
>> -Jon
>> Derrick Abeyta wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I just received a wired Squeezebox yesterday. Setup seemed easy and
>>> everything seems to be hooked up correctly. The problem is I can't
>>> seem to play any of my apple lossless files. I just recently ripped
>>> my
>>> entire (500+) cd collection to apple lossless using itunes. I am on a
>>> Mac 867mhz G4 and all of my music is on an external 250 gig Firewire
>>> drive. I did figure out how to select the firewire drive for my music
>>> folder and I can hear some of my aiff files. Unfortunately 95% of my
>>> music is apple lossless. What am I doing wrong? I am using slimserver
>>> web interface and I can't seem to find any settings to adjust. Help!
>>> Thanks for any help,
>>> Derrick