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2011-10-05, 13:15
Hello, I have been having a never b4 problem with my setup in which my music gives me constant buffering problems. I have the Boom system using my macbook pro 10.5.8 with wireless streaming. I used to be able to play all of my music with any issues but no longer.

Now I noticed the problem around the time I upgraded my router from linksys wrt54g2(it broke) to a rosewill RNX-EasyN4. Since then, I have been having trouble with music excessively rebuffering. My local stations also skip and some don't even play at all. The flac files are unplayable now because of the constant buffering and the mp3 files have been hiccuping out of nowhere too. Some stations like digitally imported or pandora play without problems.

I have read the forum but I've been unable to resolve this issue so any help would be greatly appreciated.

2011-10-05, 14:15
I'd suggest starting with some basic WiFi troubleshooting.

Some very basic WiFi tweaks (1-5 require admin access to your router to try these simple changes):
1. use a unique SSID name (name of your network/router)
2. if using a G WiFi: set WiFi to G only (turns off a & b modes)
3. if using an N WiFi: set to G Compatibility mode (if using G devices)
4. change the broadcast channel to the least used channel near you
5. choose only channels 1 or 6 or 11 (or 13 if available)
6. router and WiFi antenna orientation adjustments can help signal strength
7. keep router away from other electronic devices (cordless phones, ISP modem, computers)
8. reboot WiFi router every once in a while (once a month is usually sufficient)

If your WiFi network card software already gives the ch numbers and the signal strength of all nearby networks, that's all you need. But there are free programs like NetStumbler if needed.

2011-10-06, 09:09
After adding a Touch to my system and upgrading software to 7.6.1 (was on 7.4) I experienced the same problem with constant buffering. Tried a whole bunch of stuff, but what finally worked was simply unplugging my modem and router, then reconnecting. That was 2 weeks ago, no more buffering hiccups.

2011-10-08, 15:41
Thanks for the input. I did reset the modem and router and found this to be the solution. Thank you again for the help.