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2011-10-01, 01:50

I'm thinking of buying an Android Tablet (or waiting for the Amazon one) and one of the duties will be as SBS remote control. However I'd like to hear your experiences.

I have had a lot of glitches on the Android phone apps do things work better on a tablet?

How is the web interface?

Please share your tablet experiences (including iPad if you feel there is a strong case for it)....

I have iPeng on a touch today as a remote control and rather like it although the battery life of the touch is unimpressive. If the experiences of other users on Android are poor then I'll consider an iPad but my first choice is to avoid the Apple ecosystem and to lean towards a smaller tablet.


2011-10-01, 04:53
I have the Transformer Android tablet and 2 iPads.

iPeng for the iPad is vastly superior to any control software currently available for Honeycomb on the Android tablet. SqueezePad is nice too.

However, I'm sure that will change at some point.

2011-10-02, 08:40
Thanks that was a useful insight. I'll watch developments in the next couple of months.

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2011-10-03, 08:14
I too have my eye on a Android tablet. Unfortunately Android is lagging behind Apple apps for both smartphone and tablet - the best products look to be iPeng and Squeezepad.

On Android there is squeezecommander for a smartphone but if you check out the thread on that it has been unsupported for a while by the author - I was hoping that iPeng/Squeezepad could be ported or hopefully someone else is working on a tablet app - I think that will be the push I need to get an android tablet

2011-10-05, 13:15
I tried clearing the cache on my phone and the logitech application is working much better. I remain undecided and will see if squeezecommander comes back to life. That thread hasn't been a happy one lately. I like Android by principle but ipeng remains the best app that I have tried.

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2011-10-05, 23:47
it's 3 reasons why I actually have an iPad, iPeng SqueezePad and iRule .

I have to use a VM or boot my old netbook in XP to have *shrug* iTunes to backup and admin the d*mned thing .
It works very well mostly like apple stuff tend to do.

But in principle I'm no fan of the apple ecosystem in all it's things, if the Pad could be self suficient and not tied to iTunes it would be much better .

But being practical it suits my intended use case and I have to just accept the downsides.

So the pad is my universal remote and I do web surf and type on the forum from it to (hence the increase in typing errors and bad spelling )

2011-10-08, 14:30
I've got an Archos 101 running Squeeze Commander & Squeeze Player. Both work well but I'd love a coverflow option for browsing artwork.