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2011-09-29, 19:25
Hi everyone,

I apologize if this has been covered before, I did not find anything in a search.

What are the pros and cons of embedding your artwork in each song, as opposed to just using cover.jpg in the album folder? I'm using Squeezebox Server 7.6.1 on a Windows XP computer, and use flac files. Currently I embed my artwork and don't really have any issues, I'm more just curious what the differences are in doing it each way.

The only problems I ever see is that when browsing albums on the Controller, artwork is sometimes slow to appear, not a huge issue at all and could be caused by the speed of the server computer.

Thank you all for your insight!


2011-09-29, 20:43
If the scan goes well there should be no performance issues.

In a pure SBS and album context, folder.jp would be suficient , but if you plan to use the files outside SBS , maybe just a selection of files from different albums then embedded would be better.

I also embedd nowadays, thinking that the file should have all it's relavant meta data .
(there is also the rare case when a release have different art per track).

Some users suspects that the scanner is more likely to crash on embedded art.

It may scan a tiny bit slower, but sbs is smart enough to see if there is the same art in all files, so the post processing and art resizing is not bogged down by this.

Also the file size gets bigger with embedded art but on lossles files you hardly notice.

2011-09-29, 23:11
Do you know the logic by which SBS selects the album art to show for one album? In 7.5 SBS selected the album art for the very first track in the album. This is no longer the case with 7.6.2.

For singles compilation albums I embedded singles artwork in each track and made a very short dummy track 00 with the artwork for the compilation itself. The artwork from the first dummy file was shown in unfiltered album lists in 7.5.6, now with 7.6.2 some seemingly random artwork is shown.