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Craig, James (IT)
2004-10-07, 02:07
Hello Oscar,
You've got it. The functions that use AppleScript are
_writePlaylistToiTunesMac - this should add the tracks from the current
Slimserver playlist to a playlist in iTunes

_openiTunesPlaylistMac - this should create a new playlist (for use in
the function above)

_logTrackToiTunesMac - this should increment the playedCount and set
playedDate to "now" (and the rating if set) of the specified track in
iTunes, based on the info in Slimserver.



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Sorry to take so long to get back to you, it's been busy here! :-)

I have been looking at your iTunesUpdate perl module and think I now
see what you want: Mac Support! I see in your source code that you have
implemented some functionality for the mac, but you don't run the
script since you are not sure it works. If I understand your perl
module file I need to check the functionality of:


I dont really see the difference between both functions in sense of
functionality (one writes the info to the log file and the other to
iTunes?). If you can tell me the exact functions I need to look at, I
can test the applescript code there, see if the syntax etc is correct
and test it on my setup.