View Full Version : Starting a playlist always begins at the last song played

2011-09-27, 23:51
I am having a bit of trouble when trying to play playlists. I select the playlist and attempt to 'Play All'. The playlist starts but the first song is that last song that was playing in that playlist.

It doesn't matter if I try a different playlist and come back to the one I want, it still won't start from the beginning.

In the web UI I can click on the first song in the list and it will play from there, but from any other UI (SqueezeCommander or IPeng) if I select the first song it will play that but nothing else - since I have the option 'don't play other songs in directory' set.

Anyone else seeing this behaviour (on 7.6.1)?

2011-09-28, 02:41
Um. That would be a bug in the web interface then, wouldn't it?
That the playlist continues where it was with "play all" is actually the intended behavior.

2011-09-28, 03:25
So how do you restart a playlist from the beginning?

2011-09-28, 03:46
Play the playlist and then tap track 1 in the current playlist or turn on "play other tracks in album" and just tap track 1.

After all, why do you disable "play other tracks in album"? Do you just play a single track very often?

Bill Burns
2011-09-28, 09:40
On 9/28/2011 6:46 AM, pippin wrote:
> After all, why do you disable "play other tracks in album"? Do you just
> play a single track very often?

I certainly do - a lot of the time at home I use iPeng to browse my
collection and just pick single tracks to add to the current playlist.

I'm always annoyed to forget and then find out again that the iPod
player on my phone doesn't work this way.


2011-09-28, 09:58
But to ADD single tracks you don't need that option (disclaimer: unless you use Napster), especially with iPeng since in the ADD modes iPeng always just adds a single track no matter how "play other tracks in album" is set and the same is true for adding songs through the context menu.

The only reason for this option is if for some reason you always just want to PLAY single tracks, clearing the rest of the playlist and I just never understood what that was for.

Until recently iPeng even had an override for this option so unless you switched another option in iPeng it simply ignored it and always played the other tracks. I now removed it because the "play other tracks in album" has been a default in SBS for two years now so most people who still use the option the other way around know what they are doing.

2011-09-28, 12:03
Yeah I am the same - I generally browse around my collection playing single tracks, and don't want the rest of the album to play.

So is this just an oversight - if you have this option enabled, and you try to play a playlist, it will ALWAYS start from the last position? The only way to start from the beginning being to hit the <Prev Track> until you get back to the start?

2011-09-28, 12:07
Ah my bad - I see I can move to the start by clicking the first song in the playlist, as long as I am in the 'current playlist' view. I was trying to click the song in the 'playlist viewer', which just replaced the whole list with the first song - which is in line with my settings.

Apologies for the confusion! And thanks for your suggestions.