View Full Version : Squeezeplay and playlist editing

2011-09-27, 12:06
I have a strange behaviour in my playlist when using Squeezeplay (as I often do when using my laptop).

The problem is isolated to playlist-entries from online service Wimp (Norway).

When I have entries in my playlist from local lib or from i.e. Spotify, and I press "A" I get the context-menu where you can Remove from playlist, Play next, Play, Save to Favorites etc etc. All fine.....BUT on entries in my playlist from Wimp I do not get these choices. The context menu which is popping up when I press "A" on a Wimp entry contains from top.... Lookup, Share this, Title:, Artist:, Album:, duration:, etc etc, but not Remove from playlist, play next and play entries.

Other Squeezeplay users also experience this?

I believe this was working in earlier versions of Squeezecenter/Squeezeplay.