View Full Version : Connect SB3 directly to Mac wirelessly without a router

2011-09-26, 05:43
The current version of Airport on Mac allows me to create a wireless network, so I am wondering wether there is a way to connect my SB3 wirelessly to my Mac without a router. I know this can be done with an ethernet cable, but wireless would be a lot more convenient.

I tried but couldn't make it work. I searched this forum but haven't found an answer. Maybe this is just not doable? Thanks for any tips.


2011-09-26, 07:40
Do a search on "Ad-hoc network", it's do-able, but will require a Static IP on the SB3, unless you can get DHCP running on the Mac.

The Mac's IP will be the gateway for the SB3. Not familar with Airport wireless, but shouldn't be too much.

Is that enough info to get you started?


2011-09-27, 02:52
Thanks for the info. I entered static IP into the SB3, similar to the IP address of my Mac (e.g. if my Mac self-assigned a, I entered as the SB3's IP address, and as the gateway and DNS. Usually it didn't work ("can't connect to server"), but somehow it worked twice during the three hours of my testing. When it worked, it worked for only a few seconds (half of a sentence of a song), then the SB3 "rebuffering ... 23%" forever (the percentage changed to a certain level then stopped).

I restarted my Mac many times, cut the power of SB3 off and then plug in again many times, until I could never make it work anymore.

When I use a router, it works perfectly.

Any further advice? I searched "Ad-hoc network" in this forum but didn't find any solutions.

2011-09-27, 07:01
Unless you've comfig'd it yourself, DNS is probably not running on the Mac.

NetBios name resolution should be working tho.

Just 'cause it's easier and works - why not use a router?


2011-09-27, 07:36
Any further advice? I searched "Ad-hoc network" in this forum but didn't find any solutions.
You'll find a lot more with "ad hoc network" (i.e., without the hyphen).

2011-09-27, 13:51
On my macs (10.6.8) I can "create a network" on one machine and it gets a funny auto-ip address in the range (mask I can then go to "advanced settings" and set a manual address in the network of my choice, like a more conventional (mask
Then on the second mac I can choose to connect to the network I just created, get an auto-ip address, fix that with another address, same network and both machines will see each other. I don't run SBS on the macs but I am sure you could substitute the SB3 to the 2nd mac with ok results.
There is no local DNS but mDNS (zeroconf) is working for name resolution within the adhoc lan. Won't do on the SB3 but the slimproto broadcasts will work without DNS.

I think it should work using the plain auto-ip addresses and the right netmask, except maybe if the addresses dance around. There is no point in setting the gateway entry on the SB3, your mac is obviously not setup as a router, ie having multiple active interfaces on different networks. But no harm either.

However, if indeed your mac has 2 active interfaces, like wired ethernet to the router + wifi then you may want to simply activate Internet Sharing. This should start a full network with DNS resolution and DHCP on the mac, for consumption by wireless clients.
(I'm not sure SBS will listen on all interfaces dynamically, maybe you want to restart it in case the SB3 is on the network, the internet, but fails to see the local SBS server)

2011-09-27, 20:49
Great! It works now! What I did was activating the internet sharing on my Mac (thanks a lot, epoch1970), sharing my Mac from my iPhone (although I didn't actually turn on the internet access on the iPhone) to computers using AirPort. That created a network (I had to give it a different name from my Mac) as if there was a router with DHCP function. Both my Mac and the SB3 obtained IP addresses automatically from that "router", and everything worked like a charm. I then connected my iPhone to that network and turned on iPeng, which also worked perfectly.

This setup is for travel, so if I can eliminate a router, I have less to carry. Thanks a lot for all the inputs you guys gave me. Greatly appreciate!