View Full Version : How can I configure an SB3 without the remote?

2011-09-25, 23:50
My remote control holder got knocked off the table so the remote for my SB3 is now in 4 pieces. (All of my other remotes are just fine.) I did have my SB3 working for a while after this but now it's pretty much braindead. When I power it up, it displays "To begin setup, press the right arrow" for a second or two then goes to "Now Playing" but it won't play anything from any source. Going to "Settings" in the web GUI, under the player tab it says "Player not found." Is there any way to configure the SB3 without a remote or am I completely hosed?

TIA for any help on this matter.

2011-09-26, 01:27
I think you'll have to get a new remote. Either a remote for a Squeezebox Touch (has everything except a Brightness button), a Squeezebox Boom (cheaper but has fewer buttons and much less functionality), or a Logitech Harmony programmable remote (most expensive but can be used for "everything", not only Squeezeboxen).

Btw., four pieces? That's a lot of pieces. :) And there's no way to repair/reassemble it?

2011-09-26, 01:31
Some people have sucessfully used the net::udap script via comand line, the one you can use with a reciever .