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2004-10-06, 23:29
Yes, I do have some ideas. Check your massive library for shortcuts.
Redundant shortcuts would create a loop as you described eating up CPU


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I to have the exact same issue, cpu 100% for hours. In fact it never seems
to stop.

I do have a large library 20,000 songs. Windows 2003 1GB RAM, 3.0GHz CPU.

When the server is first re-booted the scan seem to start and slim.exe take
100% cpu and keeps going. Playing a song is almost impossible as it just
stalls all the time.

After leaving the server running for 3 hrs at least, I stopped the slim
service from the command line and re-started it the cpu spiked at 90-100%
for a few minutes then drop to virtually nothing.

This seems to work every time I re-start the server.

I have a virus scanner on my server running "on- demand scanning" so I can
see the files the slim server is accessing. I did notice the server seems to
be going around in a loop! In that the same file is getting accessed more
than once.

It seems to be scanning all the songs, then starting again.

Any ideas... nick


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Subject: [slim] 100% processor

Since 5.3.1 I cannot get slim running without the processor running at 100%.
It seems to be rebuilding the cache. This has not been a problem on any
other prior version for me. It seems to run for a few seconds and then
effectively jams the PC at 100%. I have tried this with debug/log files on
and also by watching the slimserver.db size. It randomly stops at different
places (Windows XP).

Has anybody else seen this?