View Full Version : SB3 Broken. Replacement adaptor advice needed

2011-09-24, 03:01
Hi all,

After almost 5 years, my SB3 is dead. However, I am suspecting that the power adaptor is the culprit (but cannot be sure).

I guess the only way to tell is to buy a new adaptor.

Does anybody in the UK have any experience of these adaptors:


If so (assuming that they work) how do they compare with lead length? Any shorter and I'll have problems.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the adaptor is to blame - I'm missing my music (and my BBC iplayer as I use squeezebox to connect my tv to the internet).

Many thanks,


2011-10-12, 12:45
Well, I bit the bullet and bought the adaptor (from Digidave via Amazon). Amazingly the price had dropped to 8.82 incl P&P (although now seems to have gone up to 14.83 incl P&P).
I plugged it in this evening and my SB3 came back to life for the first time in over 2 months. How delightful to have my music back as well as access to iplayer on my tv (my tv is hooked up to the network cable output).
The lead is a fraction shorter than the original so I've had to do a bit of juggling with various plugs and sockets but all works well and I can recommend the seller - I've never had so many updates from a seller before!
Now back to my music...