View Full Version : My apps in a second squeezebox classic

2011-09-22, 15:43
I've had my squeezebox classic for a few years, and recently discovered the android app that controls it from anywhere in the house. A complete game changer! So, I bought a second SB3 on eBay, hooked it up right out of the box, and it works great... except on the new SB3, under the "my apps" menu, I only have one of the 22 apps I have on the other player. When I try to install the SB apps on the new player, I get a message that they are already installed. How do I get them to show up in the new player? Any help is appreciated.

Flapjack Willie

2011-09-23, 03:18
Best guess is the eBay SB3 is still registered on MySB.com to it's previous owner's MySB account.
If so, it must be deleted from that owners MySB account before you can register it on your MySB account.

Two options to get that player deleted:
1. contact previous owner, he can delete player from his account
2. contact Logitech with player model & MAC address