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2011-09-21, 08:42

In the last month I've been trying to use the playlists on my squeezebox touch... And the experience has been awful.

First, I know there is no other way of edit a playlist than making a new one with the same name. This is embarassing on a device with the functionalities the touch has, but I tried to live with that.

Problem is that now I've playlist disappearing, and entire playlists getting empty.

First example, playlist 1:

#EXTINF:163,Happy Up Here
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/R÷yksopp/R÷yksopp - 2009 - Junior/01 - Happy Up Here.flac
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Datarock/Datarock - 2009 - Red/09 - Amarillion.flac
#EXTINF:211,Black & Gold
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Fame OST/10 - Sam Sparro - Black & Gold.flac
#EXTINF:326,2Nite feat. Sporty-O - Original Mix
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/SpareTracks/Felguk feat. Sporty O - 2nite (Original Mix) .mp3
#EXTINF:210,Requiem For A Dying Song
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Flogging Molly/Flogging Molly - 2008 - Float/01 - Requiem For A Dying Song.flac
#EXTINF:252,Dog Days Are Over
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Florence + The Machine/Florence + The Machine - 2009 - Lungs (Deluxe Edition) - CD1/01 - Dog Days Are Over.flac
#EXTINF:204,Paper Planes
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/M.I.A/M.I.A. - 2007 - Paper Planes (Single)/01 - Paper Planes.flac
#EXTINF:219,Je Veux
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Zaz/Zaz - 2010 - Zaz/02 - Je Veux.flac
#EXTINF:250,Turning Tabels
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Adele/Adele - 2011 - 21/03 - Turning Tabels.flac
#EXTINF:231,Sorry, You're Not A Winner
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Enter Shikari/Enter Shikari - 2007 - Take To The Skies/12 - Sorry, You're Not A Winner.flac
#EXTINF:229,Rolling In The Deep
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Adele/Adele - 2011 - 21/01 - Rolling In The Deep.flac
#EXTINF:295,Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare) (feat. MGMT & Ratatat)
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Kid Cudi/Kid Cudi - 2009 - Man On The Moon- The End Of Day/13 - Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare) (feat. MGMT & Ratatat).flac
#EXTINF:284,On The Floor Feat. Pitbull
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Jennifer Lopez/Jennifer Lopez - 2011 - Love [Deluxe Edition]/01 - On The Floor Feat. Pitbull.flac
#EXTINF:140,Barbra Streisand (UK Radio Edit)
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Duck Sauce/Duck Sauce - 2010 - Barbra Streisand (Single)/01 - Barbra Streisand (UK Radio Edit).flac
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Manu Chao/Manu Chao - 1998 - Clandestino/01 - Clandestino.flac
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Manu Chao/Manu Chao - 1998 - Clandestino/02 - Desaparecido.flac
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Dusminguet/Dusminguet - 1999 - Vafalungo/08 - Marihuana.flac
#EXTINF:196,Bam Bam
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Sister Nancy/Sister Nancy - 1982 - One, Two/06 - Bam Bam.flac
#EXTINF:290,Dancing on My Own
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Robyn/Robyn - 2010 - Body Talk Pt. 1/03 - Dancing on My Own.flac
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/David Guetta/David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi - 2010 - Memories (Maxi CD Single)/01 - Memories.flac
#EXTINF:191,Bonkers [Soulwax Re-Edit]
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/SpareTracks/Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden - Bonkers [Soulwax Re-Edit].flac
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/MGMT/MGMT - 2008 - Oracular Spectacular/05 - Kids.flac
#EXTINF:196,Minha Galera
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Manu Chao/Manu Chao - 2002 - Radio Bemba Sound System/28 - Minha Galera.flac
#EXTINF:239,Coming Home (feat. Skylar Grey)
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Diddy-Dirty Money/Diddy-Dirty Money - 2010 - Last Train to Paris/18 - Coming Home (feat. Skylar Grey).flac

I have the first entry (R÷yksopp/R÷yksopp - 2009 - Junior/01 - Happy Up Here.flac) disappearing every time the playlist folder gets scanned. Every time I fix it, every time ut disappears.

Then, I have this other playlist:

#EXTINF:283,I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Lykke Li/Lykke Li - 2010 - I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)/01 - I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix).flac
#EXTINF:258,Disko Boy
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Shantel/Shantel - 2007 - Disco Partizani/04 - Disko Boy.flac
#EXTINF:225,Den kanei kryo
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Locomondo/Locomondo - 2005 - 12 Meres sti Jamaica/01 - Den kanei kryo.mp3
#EXTINF:247,Brain control(no tv mix)
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Locomondo/Locomondo - 2005 - 12 Meres sti Jamaica/05 - Brain control(no tv mix).mp3
#EXTINF:217,Echo Beach
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Top Of The Pops 1980/11 - Echo Beach.flac
#EXTINF:293,Disko Partizani
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Shantel/Shantel - 2007 - Disco Partizani/02 - Disko Partizani.flac
#EXTINF:217,Echo Beach
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/Top Of The Pops 1980/11 - Echo Beach.flac
#EXTINF:216,Σαν έρθει η μέρα (San erthi I mera)
/home/daniele/Sounds/Musica/SpareTracks/Stavento Feat. ╬‰╬▓╬Ě ╬‘╬┤╬Č╬╝╬┐¤… - ╬ú╬▒╬Ż ╬*¤

Which used to work fine, but now it gets "empty" every time it rescans. For "empty" I mean that looks empty when I try to play it.

Now, I guess the key is in the "weird" characters: both "r
ˇyksopp" and "Ήβη Αδάμου" in the last song of the second playlist have it.

Now, is there a way to make squeezebox accept that stuff? (Norwegian/Germanic/Northern Europe alphabet in one case, greek alphabet in the other).
If there isn't, which characters I have to avoid when tagging and naming the songs?

2011-09-21, 11:51
give 7.6.2 try for the unicode issues.

If you are running squeezeboxserver on a computer/nas/server (not on Touch).

You should trybthe exellent playlist manager plugin.

2011-09-22, 03:14
I'm using 7.6.0 on a Sheevaplug.
With 7.6.2 you mean the "dismissed" beta version? (it looks like they are going for the 7.7).

Does it really solve my problem? You know, installing a dismissed beta over a working (with these minor issues, but working) release doesn't make me excited...

You're swedish, you'll have for sure plenty of songs with ÷, ń, ň...
how do they act on playlists?

Thank you for the "playlist manager" plugin advice, I'll give it a try...

2011-09-22, 08:51
Wierd no 7.6.x should not give unicode issues on linux, but 7.6.2 fixed issues with iTunes playlist stored on a linux server.

A faster way to playlist if you run a server, is to do them with another app foobar winamp whatever export as m3u or pls do a search and replace on the filepaths in the lists and put them in the playlsit folder and scan for playlists.

I mostly use playlist manager to add a file to an existing list.

Usually with my iPad.

Sometimes I use the servers web-UI to create list, it's not fantastic but beats the tiny touch screen .

Creating lists on the device, it is to tedius ?

i have not noticed any ┼─Í problems in a very long time, I shall take a closer look at
It to see if it has degraded some Bj÷rk and R÷yksopp and some latin artists.....