View Full Version : Slimp3 & Slimserver 5.3.1 can't find DHCP server.

Kevin O. Lepard
2004-10-06, 11:51
I'm having an odd problem with an original SLIMP3 and Slimserver.
After updating to 5.3.1 running on OS X, when the SLIMP3 loses power
and restarts it can't find the DHCP server.

I didn't see this with 5.3.0, and it's a bit hard to see how the two
could be related, but wondered if anyone else had run across that

The SLIMP3 runs fine if you enter everything manually.

(My SBG updated its firmware and restarted without any trouble.)

Kevin O. Lepard
kolepard (AT) charter (DOT) net

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