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2011-09-20, 08:57
this seems pretty cool- i wonder if it will include the LT squeeze app?


2011-09-21, 09:29
im really intrested in this , though it seems to be mainly aimed at ipad and i only own an iphone/ipod touch.
Logitech should really integrate support for squeezebox if they want to appear to continue to support the SB productline

2011-09-21, 12:36
Guess as a Harmony has some support for Squeezeboxes via IR, this thingy will also control Squeezeboxes.
I mean why wouldn't they just use their normal Harmony database for everything?

2011-09-21, 14:57
Its using wifi to for the communication between ipad and dongle, so it shoulnt need ir for SB, plus the duet receiver doesnt have ie afaik.

2011-09-21, 22:22
Well I'm pretty sure the Harmony product line will ever only use IR.
And the current Squeezeboxes of their product line (Radio + Touch) both support IR so (from a managers point of view) everything is possible.
Also having a dedicated Squeezebox remote App already I wouldn't know why someone from their management would see a need for further integration.

2011-09-23, 03:01
well i would disagree because the current logitech app is crap compared to ipeng, and youd have to switch between apps, but thats just my opinion.

2011-09-23, 03:44
A remote controll app can only emulate ir comands so it will be like using the Touch/SB3 ir controll , never seen an device that is both ir and can contact the server for a good squeezebox interface .

I use iTach modules with the iRule app for all rs232 and ir duties, there is no problem designing an emulated ir remote for squeezeboxes it works.

But I still use iPeng or SqueePad and shift app in my ipad ,These apps are much better than using the ir remote and thus beats any ir emulator to obviously.

The logitech squeezebox app is not worth it's price even if it is free :-/

Wonder what logitech has to offer there are several other solutions for "universal remote" on iPad ? Any stand-out feature over iTach or RedEye or L5 or what else is new .
The principle is quite good networked(ethernet or wifi) ir emitters controlled by an app there is also variants that uses the headphone or iPad conector directly ,but a separate unit is a better idea for a lot of reasons

2011-09-23, 07:37
yeah but if you look at the way this thing works, its already making contact with your wifi and its getting data from itinternet, since it can send info about tv shows etc to the ipad, witch it certainly couldnt get from the IR port on your tivo . So it wouldnt be that hard to make it interface with SBS like ipeng does now.

2011-09-23, 13:46
So it wouldnt be that hard to make it interface with SBS like ipeng does now.


Thankfully noone counted the curses from me and pippin in the night when programming our not so hard Apps.

2011-09-23, 14:36
i didnt mean any disrespect, as i think ipeng is the best sb remote solution there is, i guess i shouldve said ''technically possible''

2011-09-23, 15:14
I do agree that integration would be nice and technically possible.

Yet I don't believe Logitech would do that work.
It wouldn't get them one single Harmony Links sold extra.

People either only have Squeezeboxes: then they'd use the free Logi App for Squeezeboxes or SqueezePad or iPeng. No need for Harmony Link at all.
Or they have HiFi gear where it would make sense to buy Harmony Link.
Or they'd have HiFi gear and Squeezeboxes where it still would make sense to buy Harmony Link even if it doesn't have better Squeezebox integration.

So a customers decision to buy the Harmony link would be driven by the existence of HiFi gear only, no need to provide better Squeezebox integration (from a managers point of view) to make this device sell good.

2011-09-24, 02:36
it is not at all hard to switch app , such integration must also be better than any existing app , othervise must user would switch to a better app anyway .

How much fiddling with the hifi do you do when listening to a squeezebox ? I adjust volume now and then thats all ?

So when the rigth input is chosen and volume comfortable it can take hours until i switch from Squeezepad or iPeng to iRule this coincides whit watching tv or movies .

(that reminds me of that i must set up phantom source in my ht with picture from the TV network but sound from a my squeezebox, good during comercials )