View Full Version : Problems moving from Windows to OS X

2011-09-17, 12:41
I recently purchased a new Mac min and have been slowly migrating my
life from my old Windows machine to OS X. I've run into a little snag
with the OS X version of Squeezebox Server that I can't seem to work around.

When scanning my music disk, the server is able to find and scan most of
my music, but fails to parse the CDs ripped as a single FLAC file and
CUE sheet. I'm able to see the artist and album in the library, but the
contents are just listed as "empty". This was never a problem when
running on Windows, but seems to be an issue on OS X.

If I use the web interface to navigate directly to the directory using
the Music Folders page and then play the album, the server recognizes
the CUE file, parses it properly and adds the music to the database.
From then on out, that CD is recognized normally by the server.

I've since moved back to using the Windows box for the Squeezebox
server, but would like to mothball it at some point and get my life onto
the Mac mini exclusively.

Any thoughts?