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2011-09-17, 05:55
Well, unfortunately the stoppages continue and in spite of a Sirius Internet Radio paid subscription, the dreaded message "stream stopped; You are no longer authorized to listen"! I feel like I ran a red light or something. After continuously paying my subscription fee I do not think this is fair. The service is endorsed by Logotech and Sirius endorses Logitech.

I try to listen to Sirius Services on SBS and until just yesterday I thought the bug (#17157) was fixed.
The Sirius stations were very stable with beta 7.6.2 r33340. I tried to go back from the latest nightly(r33449) to r33340 but it would not download.

AndyG worked on this bug and it was supposedly fixed, but it is back. It is dissapointing and very frustrating. I'm sure AndyG must be also.
Could anyone please help. Thank you.

2011-09-17, 09:46
Ok, maybe I jumped to conclusions. It seems to be working ok now. Sorry. I love it again.

2011-09-18, 06:03
FWIW, the problem has not gone away for me, even though my SB 3, Boom and Radio are up to date.

Scott A.

edit - This is maddening. Tested it at length this morning and did not get the error.