View Full Version : Can anyone tell me why these streams won't play?

2011-09-15, 13:02
Two AAC+ 128k Shoutcast streams, both of them ambient stations:

Maschinegeist.org Radio:

Mind Potion Radio 2 HD:

If I try to play them the Touch loads them up (buffers) but then nothing happens. Now the Squeezebox Touch normally plays 128k AAC+ streams with no problems at all, so what doesn't it like about these two? I'd like to be able to listen to them on the hi-fi rather than the computer.

Thanks in advance for any help.


2011-09-15, 14:46
When testing these stream with mplayer compared to other "Normal" AAC streams. Mplayer produced message such as

Unsupported LATM configuration: 11 programs/ 26 subframes, 3 layers, allstreams: 0

This seems to indicate there is something unusual about the configuration of the streams and the Touch decoder may need to be updated but you will need to create a bug report.

A workaround if you use a local SBS server would be to disable native AAC decoding and then the stream will play by transcoding done in the server.

2011-09-16, 08:12
Thanks bpa.

As I use MySB to access streams and I don't want to do transcoding I may file a bug report. I think I'll contact the stations in question too.