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2011-09-13, 11:19
I recall a time when my squeezeboxes played aac files gapless. Unfortunately I can't recall with which version of SqueezeboxServer...

Today, using version both 7.5.5 and 7.6.1 on ubuntu, aac files do not play gapless on my SB3, Radio and Boom.

My tests:

I took 2 aac files and played them with winamp and vlc on windows 7. The files play gapless.

I decoded the 2 files on ubuntu using 'faad -w filename.aac > filename.wav' and played those with winamp and vlc on windows 7. They do NOT play gapless.

So FAAD doesn't seem to decode the files properly.

AAC files where created by iTunes (ripped from my CD).

I know FAAD is used to play aac files because I can see the FAAD process being started on the ubuntu machine. By the way, FAAD is version 2.7 build on april 14 2010.

I can't find a definitive answer in the wiki (or with a search on this forum) if my players are supposed to play aac natively or if they need transcoding.

My questions:

1. Which players can play aac natively AND gapless
2. Should aac play gapless when being transcoded?

Phil Leigh
2011-09-15, 00:38
They should play gapless on SB...it uses a special version of faad.