View Full Version : Anyone had a chance to check out the Sony HomeShare devices?

2011-09-13, 06:55
Sony's introduced a line of wireless audio devices - they use existing WiFi networks like Squeezeboxen. It looks like they are building this capability into some of their BluRay players as well as a stand alone iPod dock ($229) that can be connected to existing audio gear. Also a version of the same with speakers ($299) and a couple stand alone network speakers.

It doesn't look like they've rolled out any boom boxes with this yet, but it seems like a logical next step.

Sony uses DLNA to work with digital music libraries and they have their own music service similar to Napster or Spotify with about 10M songs. They support a few music services - Pandora, NPR, vTunes, Slacker and the Berliner Philharmoniker.

The stand alone docks don't appear to have digital outputs, just stereo RCA and I wasn't able to find any specs on music formats supported.
I'm very happy with my Squeezeboxen and don't see myself moving away from them anytime in the near future. Rocking out to Spotify thanks to Triode's most excellent plug-in as I type this. I do like to keep up with what's out there, so I'm curious if anyone has had a chance to play with this gear hands on.