View Full Version : Delay on track changes moving to 5.3.1

2004-10-05, 14:42

I've just upgraded my server from 5.3.0 (actually a nightly from a couple of
weeks ago) to 5.3.1. I notice a distinct extra delay on moving between
tracks by pressing the forward and backwards buttons. I play Flacs from a
relatively low power server: Pentium 200MHz with 96M of memory.

The server CPU appears to hit 100% for 2-3 seconds whenever I skip tracks -
do you have any suggestions of what has changed which may impact this? The
only major change I noticed was the new flac binary and changed convert.conf
(which I have changed back).

I also note that the server continues to use the existing flac binary rather
than the new one included in the rpm - where is the path to this set?