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2011-09-09, 16:46
I was listening to 101.ru Pink Floyd on internet radio today off the server (not mysqueezebox.com) and shut down my computer. Not uncharacteristically the music was still streaming out of my boombox after a few minutes with the computer off when I left to walk our dogs at 5:15pm. I was very surprised though when I came back in and the player was still playing Pink Floyd at 5:45pm a half hour later. The screen on the boombox indicated it could not connect to the server. I thought I would verify that it wasn't just connected to mysqueezebox.com by changing the volume level. At this point it stopped playing. The bit rate of the station is only 64 kbps CBR so perhaps that was the reason the buffer was able to play back for such a long period of time.
I have SC 7.5.1 on Ubuntu 10.10 64bit

2011-09-10, 02:14
Actually it could play for a very long time like that. Once the player is connected to the station SBS really does nothing as far as the actual playback.
Same thing happens on MySB, player is streaming a station, MySB goes down, stream continues endlessly until you cause an interruption in the stream (like volume).

2011-09-10, 07:00
The connection always ceased transmitting about 5 minutes after I disconnected in the past. I didn't know that it could play for long periods after turning off the computer or with MySB

2011-09-11, 01:48
you can turn on proxied streaming so that the stream always goes thru the server, then it will die natarally when you turn of the server.

2011-09-11, 07:00
Thanks for the info. It really isn't a problem I just thought it was unusual as I had thought the radio broadcasts were transmitting after the computer shut down because of some kind of buffer in the Squeezebox