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Julius Friede
2004-10-05, 06:41
FWIW, I too am experiencing this condition. The
interesting thing is that I was noticing how stable
and consistent my connection was with firmware 37 and
38, but since moving to v39 the intermittant lost
connections reappeared. I am on OSX 10.3.5, 512MB RAM,
and see the problem with both wired and wireless SB's.


--- Chris Davies <chris_davies01 (AT) btconnect (DOT) com> wrote:

> Hi All
> I have just got my second squeezebox. After adding
> it and upgrading to the most recent version of the
> software and firmware (5.3.1 not the nightly) both
> boxes have started to drop the connection with the
> server occassionally. I am running the server on an
> xp machine with service pack 2 [n.b. my firewall on
> sp2 is set in the manner recommended on the faq and
> worked fine pre upgrade) - and I have tried various
> combinations of wired and wireless connections.
> Looking at the posts on this board it looks like a
> number of people are having this (or a very similar
> problem) on a number of platforms - and people are
> trying various combos of wired/wireless connections,
> firewalls and routers. However, putting all the
> posts together, this looks like a slimserver issue
> to me. Any thoughts?
> Kind regards
> Chris>