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2011-09-05, 12:16
Dear readers and admins

I have Sqeezebox 7.4.1 installed on a Synology DS710+.
The DS710+ is in the DMZ and the SqueezeBox Radio in in the WLAN.
Unfortunately, I don't see the music I have on the server, in the Sqeezebox Radio, but I have access over mysqueezebox.com and can do some configurations on my device. Even with this, I get the message, that the SqueezeBox Server doesn't know of any Squeezebox device.

So as I use a Sonicwall NSA240, I guess it has to do something with closed ports and services and so on.
Can anyone tell me which ports on which service (TCP,UDP,IGMP,...) do have to be open.

Thank you for anyones replay and help.
Thomas Thaler

2011-09-05, 14:40
Port 3483 TCP/UDP, port 9000 TCP. You may also need port 9090 TCP for CLI connections.

But the problem may not be firewall settings. If the server and player are on different network subnets then they won't be able to see each other using the standard discovery method. You will probably need to set up a remote server. On the Radio, go to

Settings > Advanced > Networking > Remote Libraries

Add a new library. Enter the IP address of the Synology. Then back at the home menu of the Radio, go into My Music and you should see the server you just set up and should be able to connect to it.