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2004-10-05, 00:41
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> Hi Robin.
> Bah. Annoying Built-in iptables firewall on modern RedHat
> builds. Is that
> actually necessary? I didn't know that the default firewall
> blocked ports on
> the loopback adapter :(.


It might not - I hadn't thought about it before, but I needed to open the
firewall so I could test with WinAMP from my Windows laptop. So, this might not
actually be required in normal use. Worth adding to the docs though.

> Ok. We'll update the docs for that. Given I don't run a
> server on FC2 (and,
> as it happens, always disable the built-in firewall configuration on
> RedHat - to my mind it falls between two fences - being
> comprehensive enough
> to get in the way, but not flexible enough to act as a
> genuine firewall
> configuration framework), would you mind writing up a
> set-by-step to change
> it, and I'll just reference that.

As I said, I just used system-config-security-level-tui to add 5123:tcp to my
firewall config. I'm afraid I don't know enough about the nuts and bolts
iptables to do it manually!

> As for the path to lame - I guess it'll have to go looking
> for it at some
> point. There doesn't look to be a well established standard
> for where it's
> supposed to live.

On Redhat, most binaries installed from RPMs go in /usr/bin. The only stuff I've
got in my /usr/local/bin is a MySQL bench testing script that I put there
manually, and an sqlite3 binary installed manually from a tarball.

So, as you are pointing people at RPMS for the LAME install, I would recommend
setting the default to "/usr/bin/lame".

Actually, you could find it pretty easily with something like :

If file exists /usr/bin/lame then
$mp3_encoder = /usr/bin/lame
if file exists /usr/local/bin/lame then
$mp3_encoder = /usr/local/bin/lame
bail out with message about lame not being found

(sorry about the bastardised pseudo scripting language!)
> The new version (not yet released), by the way, can be run
> without lame,
> providing you're using mplayer instead of alienstream. It's
> basically ready
> to release, I think... but it'll mean me rewriting the install
> instructions... and I'm not sure I have the fortitude for that ;)

I could have a go and document what steps I take after Wednesday if that would