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2011-09-03, 00:01

I have an SB3 and a SB Boom controlled from the same server.

However, I suspect that I have about 6dB less gain on the SB3. If I set both SB's with the analog VU on the display, music from my library on the Boom reaches -1 to -2 dB. However, on the SB3, it barely ever gets to -7dB. Changing the audio settings to fix the volume control to 100% on the SB3 doesn't seem to affect this. However, internet based radio stations are nice and loud on both SB's.

Any thoughts? Is there a way to add ~6dB gain to the SB3, via CLI or some other means, independent of the Boom?

- Thanks.

2011-09-03, 00:16
Check player settings for the SB3

Disable Volume adjustment replay gain ?

It works by using replaygain tags to average the volume for the selection of tracks you listen to this usualy means lover volume.

SB3 also have a preamp volume controll in the analog domain, also avaible in the settings.
but this one does not affect VU screensavers I think

but i would not thrust these vu to tell me anything thier just toys for your screensaver.

loud those not equal good sq rather the oposite ? Just use your volume controll.
your SB3 is conected to a stereo that have it's own gain ?

there is really no problem to solve ? Only your perception that there is a problem just enjoy the music