View Full Version : Scan MusicIP delete files

2011-08-31, 03:01
Since this weekend I (re)started the use of MusicIP.

Setup: music on a QNAP NAS TS-459
Music Ip installed on a Windows 7 machine
Scanning direclty from the windows machine pointing to the files on the QNAp server.

By scanning the music via MIP, I get a lot of files that are thrown in the network recycle bin of my QNAP.

Strangely enough the files are still present on it's normal place as well. So it seems that when i delete the files in the recycle bin that I still will have my music available.

My questions:
1) Do you recognize this kind of behaviour form MusicIP
2) What does it make that a file comes into the recycle bin
3) It seems that there is no issue to delete the files in the recycle bin as the 'deleted'' music is still avaialble on the normal place. Can I delete it without issues.