View Full Version : Recent sbs problems - what does this mean?

2011-08-31, 02:48
Here's an extract of a reply I got from Customer Support:

'Thank you for your e-mail.
We are investigating the exact causes of the disconnection.
However, we have found a work-around.
Many routers randomly change the channel in varying intervals.
The reasoning behind this is that the random channels will decrease potential interference, and therefore increase network speed.
We found that by disabling this ability in the router settings, the issue is "solved".
Now, ideally, you shouldn't have to change the router-setting in order to make the Squeezebox work, so here at Logitech, we are trying to work out why this happens. At some point new firmware will be released dealing with the issue.
In the mean time,.. the work-around I suggested should fix the issue you have.
Unfortunately, I can't advice you exactly where in the router this setting can be found, as it changes from manufacturer to manufacturer.'

I assume they are referring to automatic channel selection? Mine's set to manual, so there's another theory down the drain!