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2011-08-28, 05:48
I've been playing with some numbers to see what streaming uses, in terms of monthly usage. If anyone's interested, I've created a small spreadsheet which gives a rough idea of how much of a monthly limit regular streaming might use.

Actually, I got a bit of a shock. Even only streaming 4 hours a day, at 128k, would use approximately 8GB per month. That is a significant proportion of a 10GB service, for example (and I'd previously measured some web browsing at around 1GB per month, per person, so 10GB doesn't go far, really), and certainly exceeds a typical 3G/mobile service contract such as I've variously seen at 1GB or 3GB monthly.

I've attached the spreadsheet; there are two versions in the zip, one is LibreOffice compatible (.ods) and the other is Excel compatible (.xls).

3G/mobile carriers include 'upstream' traffic in the loading calculation, and so do some (not all) fixed-line providers, so there is a facility in the sheet to select whether upstream loading should be Included, or Excluded. Other inputs (all the inputs are shaded 'blue') are available for stream rate, and (average) hours per day of streaming. There are a couple of other assumptions for the IP overhead (I've set this to 15% but you can change it) and for the upstream loading (which I set to 5% but, again, you can change it).

And any corrections would be very welcome, by the way.

regards, Atlantic

2011-08-28, 05:59
thanks. Interesting! For example, last month I used 6.18GB at home and probably didn't stream any netflix movies last month, and I stream music about 5-6 hours per day, with typically 4 hours of that at 64 or lower (news stations, etc.). I also do some email and web use for 3 hours a day. So your spreadsheet predicts my real world use very well.

Fortunately my home provider has a 250GB cap. My ipad is a different story (only 2.5 GB cap with 3G, but I only use for web and email....streaming big stuff only when on WIFI).