View Full Version : Decining updates

2011-08-27, 12:32
Hi all,
Unusual request perhaps, but everything is working just fine, and having read on these forums about so many problems re the latest server update, I really would rather stick with what I have. So, my question is can I prevent the constant reminders on my desktop that a newer version is available?

2011-08-27, 13:59
Ignore SBS updates:
SBS > Settings > Advanced > Software Updates > *disable* both Download & Notify
May need to reboot SBS and the player(s) to take effect.
Also donít connect your player(s) to MySB.com or else your player(s) will be prompted to update again.
You cannot turn OFF MySB.com update prompts, but you can dismiss them temporarily.

2011-08-27, 14:20
Thanks for the swift reply.