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2011-08-27, 08:03
I posted a message earlier and am still having some issues.
I upgrades this morning to 7.6.1 and it seems to have worked fine. Still having issues with the web interface tho - i can only use the "classic" which seems to have no artwork etc. When I switch to "default" it's whacked - doesn't display most of the interface etc.
I'm running SC on a Mac G5 using Safari, which has always worked very well. As far as I know no settings were changed and Safari works fine for other sites etc.
Anyone else seen anything like this??

2011-08-27, 08:53
Have you tried clearing the browser cache?

2011-08-27, 09:25
tried that, didn't help.

2011-08-29, 10:58
I had the same problem with version 7.6.1 - r33110 running on ubuntu.
The following commands on the console did help:

sudo service squeezeboxserver stop
sudo mv /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cacheold
sudo service squeezeboxserver start
sudo service squeezeboxserver restart

in IE-Explorer i had to delete the browser-cache
and then, when i saw all was runnig well, i did:

sudo rm /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cacheold

to remove the old rubbish

this my help some botherd Squeezebox user...