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2011-08-27, 01:47
Hi people. I'm at the end of my tether with MP3Tunes.com. I have a premium subscription, for which I get zero useful customer support as far as I can tell. Recently the "service" has refused to play newly uploaded tracks (I'm well within my storage limit) and I am getting no joy whatsoever from their technical "support". Also there are many occasions when previously listenable music doesn't play - I get gateway timeout messages, sometimes the tracks just get skipped for no reason.

So, are there any Squeezebox compatible alternatives? I don't mind paying! The name of the game is not to have a local server consuming my electricity bill when I'm not around, nor do I wish to have to invest significant money in yet another device that might be more power efficient - I already have more elderly computers lying around the house than I know what to do with!

Can the power of the community help me?

Cheers then...


2011-08-27, 02:02
I had the same symptoms as you quite some time ago. It all seemed to go bad when they did some major server migration. I spent hours working with their tech support people which seemed at the time to resolve the problems - involved me finally having to re-establish all my tracks. I tried again last week after a few weeks of non-use ... it seems that it's all fallen apart again - missing tracks, etc.

I'll see if I can resurrect the e-mail address and contact them again.

2011-08-27, 04:22
Thanks for that.

2011-09-09, 08:04

I'm the CEO of MP3tunes. Feel free to email me with any issues you might have.

MP3tunes + Squeezebox is a fantastic combo. We see substantial usage from these devices. We rarely here of any issues. We did have a blip in service a few months back when we moved data centers.

If it's not working for you I'd like to know and see what we can do. Send me email with as much specifics as you can provide. Specifically:

- try streaming from MP3tunes.com to see how that experience compares/contrasts


-- MR


2011-09-09, 08:15

I have issues with mp3tunes too - I spent hours uploading material after you set up a new account for me, and still most of the tracks have subsequently and mysteriously disappeared (exactly the same as happened with my original account of several years standing). There was also an unsolved issue with album art not displaying.

I'm not sure I have the energy or faith to attempt using mp3tunes again!

2011-09-09, 10:07
I also have many issues with MP3Tunes. After I uploaded some CDs (all MP3). Some of the songs will not play via SB radio or Web player. But when I download the songs from my MP3Tunes to my PC, they played fine.