View Full Version : Wireless with WEP and no SSID b-cast

Andy F
2004-10-03, 13:30
I'm using a D-Link DWL-900AP+

My original SSID was :
(22 chars) which the SB could not connect to.

My new SSID which works fine is only 9 chars - all alpha.

Interesting that Pete reports that he is using an 18 char SSID that
doesn't work.

Andy F.

>Can you guys post more details? What access point make/model are you
>using? What are the various settings? (SSID string, etc...)
>On Oct 3, 2004, at 9:06 AM, Andy F wrote:
>> Hi Pete,
>> It took me weeks of trial and error before I finally figured out that
>> my SB only worked when I used a really plain SSID. Now it works with
>> SSID broadcast disabled and 128bit WEP.
>> Andy F
>>> Hi-
>>> I just got the wireless box, and while I can get it to work through
>>> the
>>> ethernet port, I can't connect to my wireless (which is configured not
>>> to broadcast the SSID and 128bit WEP). Does anyone have any thoughts?
>>> I have tested the box's wireless by trying to connect to a
>>> non-encrypted
>>> network w/SSID broadcast, and that works fine.
>>> Thanks.