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2011-08-24, 15:53
iPeng 1.4 and iPeng for iPad 1.2 just hit the App Store.
They complete the sharing and web capabilities that were gradually introduced since iPeng 1.x.4.

More Music Services Anyone?
Create “Web Apps” in iPeng

One of the features a Squeezebox is really good at is integration with online music sources. It supports Spotify, Pandora, Napster and a wealth of other services and even where there is no support from Logitech directly there are 3rd party plugins for things like BBC iPlayer and YouTube .
However, the Squeezebox doesn’t cover everything and there are other services it does NOT support, yet, like SoundCloud, The Hype Machine, Aupeo! and probably dozens to hundreds of others.
Now, if these services offer an HTML-5 enabled web page (that is: they can play on your iPhone/iPad without a dedicated App) chances are that iPeng can somewhat help you with these.
It’s not a perfect replacement (see the limitations below) but it’s usually good for playing single tracks and it’s a great way to play all these links others might send you via mail, facebook, Twitter or Google+.

The Browser
Already since iPeng 1.3.4/1.1.4 there were additional features allowing you access to e.g. facebook and Wikipedia through a browser and giving you a sharing feature for the music you are listening to.
Now, we’ve extended these features to integrate a full-blown browser under “Extras” in iPeng, allowing you to set and manage bookmarks and to add these bookmarks as “Web Apps” to your “My Apps” list in iPeng.
iPeng also now comes with a set of predefined bookmarks you can try.

How it Works
Essentially what this does is it takes the music that the web page tries to play on the browser and sends it to the Squeezebox instead. Just search for “Play” buttons on the web site and try them out. If it works, you will get a context menu for “Play”, “Add”, “Add Next” and “Save to Favorites”.

Limitations: What it can NOT do
Even though this often gives you a right-away access to services you have to be aware that from a Squeezebox point of view this is a bit of a kludge. It will NOT replace a fully integrated Squeezebox “App” or Plugin because your Squeezebox will still not understand about the service it is playing. It just gets a link from iPeng it should play and that usually works but other features may be difficult.
In a lot of cases, you will only get Track (Meta-) information after the playback of a track has actually started. In no cases will you be able to search the service’s library from a playing track and a lot of services have limits on how long a stream is valid so you might not be able to do more than just a simple “play” of a track (e.g. for SoundCloud) or a track might only be valid for a few hours.
An additional limitation is something you’ll see with a lot of “Custom Radio” type services like 8Tracks or Aupeo! These services play a track and when playback has ended, their web page will automatically start a new one. Now this doesn’t work in iPeng because the web page is loaded in the browser while the music is actually playing on the Squeezebox so that the web page will never know when to play something new. In this case you will have to manually select a new track again.
And then there are of course those services that require you to use their own App on iOS, no chance for these.

Tell Me About Your Experience
Please try this out and if you encounter web sites that work very well, please let me know so I can extend the bookmark list I ship with iPeng in the future.
And if you encounter sites that do not work but that you would like to use, please let me know, too, maybe there is a workaround we could builtd into iPeng; we were successful with such an approach for SoundCloud for example.

Some Examples and Special Considerations
Here are a few examples of services and the limitations they have
• SoundCloud: SoundCloud have two types of links you can use, streams and downloads although the mobile site we linked in iPeng usually only supports streams (and most of the content also doesn’t have a download link). Download links are permanent but stream links will only be valid for a few seconds. This means you can NOT bookmark them and usually you also can not queue them up in a play list, you have to play them immediately.
• Aupeo!; Aupeo! is an example of a service that has customized “stations” you can play. Here, only the first track will play after you hit the button and if you want to add another one you have to “skip” and “play” again. Aupeo! links are valid for a few hours, though, so you can queue up a number of these links to play a whole station (unless you run into a skip limit).
• 8tracks: 8tracks has a special WebApp it uses on iOS by default. This WebApp takes full control over your browser window and does not allow you to play stuff on your Squeezebox but instead ask you to immediately play a file which is just silence. However, if you hit the “8tacks” logo at the top of that page you can switch to the non-mobile version of their web page which will allow you to play their streams and will have a similar usage scheme as Aupeo!
• Google Music Beta: Actually, even Google Music Beta somehow works but unless they decide to add a mobile site the user interface from within iPeng is so awkward that I would not call that “supported”. What you can do is select a track from your library and then hit the “Play” button at the bottom of your page and this will actually play the content. The upside is that the links are valid for quite a while.

As usual: have fun and let all of us know about your experience!


2011-08-24, 16:08
Would it be possible for iPeng to access image and pdf* files in a music folder on the SB server?

* Assuming a PDF reader is installed on the iPod.

2011-08-24, 16:25
A pdf reader is always present on iOS but you'd need a way to get the files to the iPod.
iPeng can't "see" your files, after all it's on a different machine.
If some plugin or the server would provide a URL to a pdf file, iPeng would open it.

2011-08-27, 02:56
Thanks this has now become really useful for me and works like a charm.

For discovering music on spotify I have found these two sites very useful.

2011-09-20, 03:56
iPeng 1.4.1/1.2.1 is out. It fixes some bugs and adds some minor improvements. Plus it adds some smaller features:

Bug fixes:
• “Reconnect Bug”. iPeng should no longer stall for 60s under certain conditions while trying to reconnect to the server when coming back from the background.
• The “Volume HUD” should no longer appear when iPeng is entered or left unless you use playback.
• The volume should no longer automatically change when entering iPeng
• iPeng should no longer stay active in the background for up to 10min when there is no data loading to be completed.

New Features:
• In iPeng’s browser you can now paste the current track’s details into entry fields. This can be used to post links to the current track to e.g. Google+ or Internet Forums.
• You can “Power Off All” players by holding the main power control.
• You can play all Favorites as a playlist.
• If long text gets clipped in tables (e.g. for Biographies) you can tap the text to get an extra view for the complete content.
• Twitter timeline now also shows retweets.

The smaller improvements include
• Delete command for the clipboard when the automatic "play URL from clipboard menu" comes up but also ignores a URL in the clipboard after the menu has been shown once until you do a "hard restart".
• There are also some improvements to the SoundCloud support especially for links to SoundCloud
• Triode's Spotify Plugin is fully supported again.
• Slideshows should now be shown in some more cases (although not as slide shows but as a list) except for the new ones in LMS.

Have fun!

2011-09-20, 07:20
Oh, and if you use iOS 5 Google Music Beta gets quite usable :)

2011-09-21, 09:06
Hello Pippin,

Thanks for the updates.

Could you please make it a priority for the next version, that hitting the "volume -" control does not bring up the multiplayer control popup almost all the time?

This is uberly frustrating imho, and I don't think I gave fat fingers or anything...

I have absolutely no other concern with iPeng, it's a fantastic app and it completely renews the squeezebox (duet in my case) experience.


2011-09-23, 07:47
hey Pippin, ive got a small issue witch has been annoying for quite a while;
when i add an entire album it always starts playing the second song, skipping the first song for some reason. its nothing that a simple push of a button cant fix but ive got no idea what it keeps happening. could you offer me any insight? thanks in advance

2011-09-23, 08:19
If you say "add", how do you "add" it (Add next or Add to end?) and what's already in the playlist?

Local library or online service (Spotify,...)?

Which server version is this?

2011-09-23, 14:32
Ok im sorry, i should have been more specific. I play All my music from my local library, latest vortexbox with SBS 7.6.1. But, iirc ive had tuhis problem since before this version of SBS and Ipeng. When i have an empty playlist, and i choose and album, it lists All the songs in that album, and on top i have the ''add all'' option. So when i press that it adds All the tracks to my playlist, in the correct order, but it immediately starts playing the second song. This happens on both my iPhone and iPod touch.

2011-09-23, 15:06
Interesting. Could you please check whether you are in "add next" mode ("|>|" in the header bar). In the normal "Add" mode it wouldn't be expected to start playing at all and actually I believe that's indeed an error in iPeng. This should only be an issue if your playlist is empty, right?

2011-09-23, 23:49
ah yes that mustve been it.

It had the >| on the top. i toggled it to + and now it just adds the entire album without playing , and when i press play it starts playing the first song.

however, it seems that on my ipeng (Dutch) both >| and + are described as "alles toevoegen" witch means "add all". >| should be "volgende toevoegen" (add next).

so this thing only happens now when i want to "add" an entire album "next" on an empty playlist now. just adding the album and pressing play works fine so ill just do that :)


2011-09-24, 02:29
Well, both functions are usually adding tracks. The only thing is that "Add next" got changed to "Play next" in a recent iPeng update meaning that it makes the player start playback if it's currently paused or off but it sill never deletes a playlist. You can turn this off in Settings->iPeng Settings.
That it started playback with the second track is indeed a bug (happens with empty playlists) and will be fixed in the next update.

2011-09-26, 15:10
Hi Pippin,

I have a strange behaviour in my playlist when playing from online service Wimp (Norway).

When I have entries in my playlist from local lib or from i.e. Spotify, and I push'n-hold I get the context-menu where you can Remove from playlist, Play next, Play, Save to Favorites etc etc. All fine.....BUT on entries in my playlist from Wimp I do not get these choices. The context menu which is popping up when I push'n hold a Wimp entry contains from top.... Lookup, Share this, Title:, Artist:, Album:, duration:, etc etc, but not Remove from playlist, play next and play entries.

Can you please explain what has happened?

PS: The same problem appears in Squeezeplay also when pressing "A" to get the context menu.

2011-09-26, 15:39
Well, that content is being provided by the server, not by iPeng. For some reason the WiMP App doesn't seem to provide these commands.
It's something Logitech would have to change.

BUT: what on earth do you NEED these commands for in iPeng???

2011-09-26, 15:44
Thanks Pippin......
Hehe.... exactly... I don't :D
And that's why I love iPeng :)

2011-10-12, 01:28
With this release iPeng is now fully iOS 5 compatible.
The only thing that did not work in the version before was the Twitter Client but then, it's better if everything works, isn't it :)

Along with the OS update there are a few more improvements and fixes:

* Volume Control is now hopefully the way it's supposed to be: The volume keys should now control your active player whenever you do not use iPeng as a player and only your iThingy when you do.
* The volume overlay should only show up when there is really volume to change.
* Entering or leaving the App should not have any effect on your SB's volume
* As an add-on, iPeng should now handle other Apps that play music in the background more gracefully and only stop their Audio when you actually play something in iPeng.

* Improved startup behavior (again) which should avoid some lockup conditions on slow servers and improved artwork caching.
* The Playlist-Bug is fixed.
* Some Playback issues causing crashes when playing certain FLAC files should be solved.

No new features, but if you happen to have a Google Music Beta account, give it a try with iPeng's browser under iOS 5, it works quite nicely although it's of course no native support and you can only play single tracks.

Have fun!

2011-10-20, 15:54
There is a new iPeng update (iPhone version only) on the App Store now which fixes two issues:

iOS 5: FIXED: playback stops when the code lock screen engages
iOS 3: FIXED: Main player controls don't move out of the way when edit mode is being selected in MultiPlayer control.

If you haven't done already, please also note my message about the upcoming discontinuation of iOS 3 support:

2011-10-28, 10:53
Now also the iPad version including the "playback behind lock screen" fix is rolling out on the App Store.

It also has one nice new feature for iOS 5: It shows NowPlaying information is you use the Playback in iPeng, including Cover Art on the lock screen. You can also get volume/play/pause/skip/AirPlay control when double-tapping the home button.

I like that, it's nice.

2011-10-31, 22:04
Any plans to update the landscape orientation in iPeng any time soon? Currently the Now Playing view doesn't offer nearly the same level of functionality as in portrait mode. Apart from a better layout that never obscures the artwork, it would also be nice to be able to skip tracks in this view.

Hope it's coming, as I have some plans that would really make best use of the iPhone on its side.

2011-11-01, 02:29
Yes, as soon as I don't support iOS 3 anymore I'll probably add gestures for skip (left/right swipe), volume (up/down) and artwork scale (pinch).

2011-11-01, 05:11
Yes, as soon as I don't support iOS 3 anymore I'll probably add gestures for skip (left/right swipe), volume (up/down) and artwork scale (pinch).

Will next update include total playing time for playlists like you see for albums, made a ticket request for this in the past...

2011-11-01, 05:27
With the redesign probably yes. Before that probably not (only minor updates before the redesign anyway...)

2011-11-01, 05:29
With the redesign probably yes. Before that probably not (only minor updates before the redesign anyway...)

Cheers, look forward to the redesign...

2011-11-01, 06:39
Yes, as soon as I don't support iOS 3 anymore I'll probably add gestures for skip (left/right swipe), volume (up/down) and artwork scale (pinch).

Sounds good. I do hope that the volume can be locked at 100% so that the gestures don't affect it,if desired.

This iPeng installation is going to be installed in a car, being served by a private mobile network. More details when it's finished. :)

2011-11-02, 06:12
Tell Me About Your Experience
Please try this out and if you encounter web sites that work very well, please let me know so I can extend the bookmark list I ship with iPeng in the future.

Hi Pippin

I used this feature with http://bandcamp.com and it works great. Awesome in fact!

2011-11-02, 06:16
> I used this feature with http://bandcamp.com and it works great.
> Awesome in fact!

Just in case... http://www.herger.net/Bandcamp



2011-11-02, 06:25
> I used this feature with http://bandcamp.com and it works great.
> Awesome in fact!

Just in case... http://www.herger.net/Bandcamp



Ooh, great. I will install that!

2011-11-03, 10:43
Pippen, as part of your redesign, please consider the option to allow the YEAR tag to be displayed next to the album name - in album lists as well as Now Playing screens. I really miss not having the year visible.

I'd really like a way to view additional metadata details about selected (and currently playing) track. Lyrics, what track number this is as part of the original album, etc.

For Random Mixes, it would be excellent to remove the requirement to tap twice. After selecting the random mix, just start that mix, not present another screen.

Being able to resume a random mix, even if the mix had to be restarted and re-randomized, would also be welcome. Right now if you leave iPeng while playing a Random Mix, when you come back you just have a blank Now Playing.

2011-12-08, 16:56
There are two new versions of iPeng for iPhone (1.4.5) and iPeng for iPad (1.2.4) on the App Store now.

The iPhone version this time is really very likely to be the last one including iOS 3 support and just fixes some connection issues and issues with broken characters in tags.
If you are still on iOS 3, please get it, I plan to leave it available until end of the year.

iPeng for iPad 1.2.4 has some minor new features, too:

* iPeng now shows a HUD popup whenever you add a track to the current playlist or add a favorite so you now finally have a confirmation for the success of such an action
* iPeng allows you to use it's internal browser to directly edit all the player and server settings that are only available through the server's web interface. The options to do this are in the the server settings menu (blue ">" next to the server name in the MultiPlayer screen, where you can also set WOL) and among the player settings (for each player).

There are also some improvements to the behavior

* iPeng's startup behavior is now improved. It should more reliably connect to the player you were connected to the last time you used it, even when that player has since switched to another server; it will also follow while you are using it. This is especially important when using the Touch's internal server with certain music services (MOG, Last.fm, Spotify) where the player automatically switches to MySqueezebox.com; iPeng now follows. It also works better in dynamic IP environments now when your server's IP address changes.
* iPeng now allows you to directly paste the current track details to the comment field when posting to facebook. Facebook still doesn't allow auto-generated comments so this is a workaround.
* You can now also share MOG links and with MOG and Spotify you can now also share Albums instead of tracks; with Spotify also playlists.
* iPeng also has improved behavior in groups of synced players. When some of your players are turned off, it makes sure to only play stuff on ones that are on, avoiding to accidentally power up an inactive player.

Oh and Christmas Coolio is back ;)

Have fun!

More on iPeng on http://penguinlovesmusic.com

2012-02-07, 12:49
There are new updates for iPeng and iPeng for iPad on the App store.

Changes are mostly details for the iPad App but iPeng for iPhone is now no longer compatible with iOS 3.

iPeng for iPad

* No winter hat icon anymore.
* Some stability improvements

iPeng for iPhone

The App is now again on par with iPeng for iPad which means it does include the improvements that have been made in the iPad App versions before:

* Improved startup behavior and server detection
* Improved memory usage, should especially improve things on old devices
* Popup notification when adding tracks to current playlist or favorites
* iPeng now shows the currently playing track on the lock screen and allows lock screen control (double-click the home button) if either local playback is on or the "keep connection" setting is enabled.

There is one change that applies to both versions:

If you enable the "keep connection" option in iPeng Settings, iPeng will now stay active even in the background for one hour. This will allow you to

* use the volume keys while you are using other Apps or when the device is locked
* automatically pause a Squeezebox whenever a call comes in even when iPeng is in the background ("Pause on Call") Option in the settings
* Use the lock screen information and control for your Squeezebox, not only iPeng's player.

It does, however have a few side effects:

* It consumes battery (obviously)
* Every change to the volume you might do in other Apps feeds into your Squeezebox
* You have to be careful with the "AirPlay" icon on the lock screen. Remember that this does NOT work with the stream being sent to your Squeezebox so iPeng has to play locally to make that work.

Have fun!

2012-02-09, 07:07
Hi Pippin,

Thank you so much for the continued work on iPeng, which for me and my relatives, is a stepstone in the way of usable, seamless digital audio streaming.

Could you please consider, for a future upgrade, to separate the "volume -" touch area from the multiplayer control dropdown popup ? I have asked for this several times already; even though I don't consider my fingers to be any fat, I really really have a hard time hitting the "volume -" touch button without popping up the multiplayer control... This is true for all screenviews (main; currently playing). It is the only thing negative I can think of about iPeng; please make it perfect:)


2012-02-09, 07:16
Could you please consider, for a future upgrade, to separate the "volume -" touch area from the multiplayer control dropdown popup ?

requires a whole redesign, though.