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2011-08-23, 06:19
Yes, I know - I did post this problem in 3rd party plugins. Probably not the right place. In any case, I am unable to access Pandora using SB devices (Classic 3) and/or my squeezepad. The message is "Invalid Login". I can get Pandora from my android phone and Sony Blu-Ray player using the same id and password. Apparently the SB process is corrupted but I am not sure how to clean it up. I tried uninstalling but that aeft me with the same problem. Thoughts?

2011-08-23, 07:27
Pandora is working fine for me on both SBS and MySB.com with my SB3.
Any chance you have too many logins with other devices? Make sure all other devices are not logged into Pandora?
Can you play other Apps on your SB3? Might be an invalid MySB.com login message.
SBS > Settings > MySqueezeBox.com, look for "invalid login" message

2011-08-24, 11:04
Thanks for the suggestions. All other apps were working fine, and my other Pandora players also had no problem. I uninstalled the Pandora app - and removed the checkmark in Web Control. Reinstalled SBS. Rebooted computer.
Checked box in web control, and reinstalled Pandora. I also went to the Pandora website and re-entered the password and account name. Pandora now works!!!!!!!!!.

Thanks again.