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Simon Turner
2004-10-03, 04:44
You don't say what platform you are on but if it is Windows you need to make
sure that the account that Slimserver runs under has access to the network
(i.e. your mapped drives). The account that the Slimserver service uses by
default does not. As this problem comes up quote frequently I am not sure
why Slimdevices has not made sure that the Windows installation creates an
account that has the required permissions.... but I am sure there is a very
good reason (like it's impossible or something).
I have created an account called NetworkAccess in the Power User and Back Up
Administrators (don't ask why) groups. I use this account for anything that
requires a scan of mapped drives at Windows start-up.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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I run SlimServer on my laptop but my music files are stored on my desktop
Unfortunately I can't get SlimServer to recognise the shared folder. Has
anyone any ideas how to get round this?
I've tried shared paths and mapped folders such as:
to no avail.

Any clues would be welcome.