View Full Version : Dead SB3 - PSU or SB3 Itself?

2011-08-22, 11:56
Came back off holiday and my SB3 will no longer start up.
- no visible Toslink light or anything from the VFD when 'powered up' in a dark room
- router does not mention it in list of connected devices

Don't think I dropped my SB3 at all, and the connection to my router has always been wired.

So I'm thinking that either the power supply or the SB3 itself is dead. Does this seem like a correct diagnosis? As I was not using Wifi, even if the daughter-card got dislodged, the device should still boot up right?

This post seemed very relevant when searching the forum, except that my connection is wired.


Thanks for any help.

2011-08-24, 05:50
For sure the most likely problem is the PSU. But don't simply test the voltage output from the PSU - very often this is ok but it's the load that causes it to fail (and a simple voltmeter won't test for that). Considering the cost of SB3's (and the fact you can't buy them now), I'd always shell out for a new beefy PSU just to try it (OEM ones can be found for 15ukp / 20usd). If you have other players, try the PSU from one of those.

2011-08-24, 06:11
A bad WiFi card will prevent the SB3 from booting, regardless of whether it's running wired ATM or not.

2011-08-24, 08:28
Thanks for the replies. So I'll bring my SB3 into work tomorrow and get some help in taking it apart and checking the wifi card and then trying to power up. If still no go, will get a new PSU/check in a shop nearby (if they'll let me).

If still no go, then Failing that have to decide wheteher to go for a new SB Touch or a SB Reciever picked up off the Swiss Ebay equivalent.

2011-08-25, 09:31
Just come out of a very friendly Zurich, quite specialised audio shop where I was able to plug a SB Touch power cable into my SB3 and see my SB3 come to life :)

However, got out of there sharp-ish before I started to get too interested by the SB Touch.

So just have to get a new power supply. Any recommendations, or any universal plug with right characteristics will do?

2011-08-25, 22:05
Why not a Touch PSU if your budget is tigth, it is said to be better than the original Eu slimdevices SB3 PSU model, it complies to modern standards regarding emi/rfi something the old model does not .

it also have these practical slide on plug adapters so it can be changed to fit different outlets .

It can be data mining expedition to actually find the PSU on logitech spare part site (if you even find that one)


At the bottom of that page and don't forget the adapter set

2011-08-26, 02:09
Just ordered off the Logitech site. Thanks for the link, not sure I'd have found it otherwise, and for the reminder about the plates.

The unit is pretty pricey, and did consider getting one of the UK eBay site, but then I would probably not have the right plug; and I'd prefer having a PSU designed for my SB3.

Did try to order from the German Logitech site, and it lets me get quite far before right at the end complaining about the country I'd chosen (Switzerland) and telling me it's Germany or nothing (in that case, why have a bloddy country pop-up with lots of EU countries + CH inh the list?).

So ordered from the Swiss site, paying the obligatory invisible 'Swiss' tax that importers make us pay here... Hopefully delivery will be from CH and quick.

Now just have to get my server running again, and deal with the 7.6.1...

2011-08-31, 09:47
I do not believe it... When I ordered the parts I needed last week, I found the SB Touch power block easily enough, and remembered I needed power plates. There was only one set there (white), but I needed them and so ordered them.

Today, the Fedex package arrives finally. I try to fit the power plates - strange they won't go on easily, in fact they won't go on at all. A bit of research later, and visiting the UK Logitech store I see that the plates I have are

- Power Plug Plates, PureFi Anywhere (US,UK,EU,AU) - white, without AC Adaptor
PN 993-000108

and what is now on the Logitech CH store that was misisng last week?

- Netzstecker-Adapter für Squeezebox-Produkte (USA, Großbritannien, EU, Australien) – ohne Netzteil
Teile-Nr. 993-000203

WTF? The SB plates were not listed last week! Oh well, yet more hassle with Logitech (currently I am without a server, and trying to use mySB.com in Europe is a lesson in frustration). With a bit of luck they'll exchange it, or at least tell me where to buy locally. But I'm expecting them to say "tough/so what" (customer service in Switzerland is often an oxymoron), and have to order again (paying delivery this time) and waiting another week for the delivery from the Netherlands.

Rant over, sorry about that.

2011-09-01, 00:28
I always get mine from this place.. http://www.headingonline.com
I'm in the UK - not sure on Swiss delivery, but they always arrive quickly. I tend to use the Philong brand - they seem to last and you can buy different supply clips for them too. Cheaper than Logitech.

2011-09-01, 05:04
Just got the "dead SB" problem myself..... Tried it on replacement known-good PSU - but nothing. Screen black; SB not seen by server.

Any "repair" tips or hints? As it happens I'd just ordered a Touch to add to the system, which seems fine. But if I can revive my SB, that would be good too!


2011-09-03, 08:56
Try to pull the wireless card out, this requires opening the SB3. Then give it power. This worked for a 'broken' one I got off ebay. Works fine, just no wireless.


2011-09-08, 11:38
Yes check this and the other thread I link to for troubleshooting options. If all else fails, it is worth opening up the SB3 and moving the wireless card as this has semi-solved the problem for quite a few people.

Back to me :) I am very happy with Logitech support (am I allowed to say that?). After lamenting here (or perhaps before), I contacted Logitech support explaining what happened (as per my last post). I was frustrated and hoped I could swap the incorrect power plates for the right ones or something.

Anyway, support asked me to confirm my address etc as they were sending me the correct power plates ASAP. They arrived via UPS yesterday. I am *so* happy that my SB3 is working again, and very thankful to the support person that dealt with my case. (Also this was all at no charge to me - wow, customer service in this day and age).

So something positive. THought I'd share that as I'm often negative... Icing on the cake - mySB.com is working reliably again in Europe. Now just have to repair my server machine and re-install SB server.


2011-09-09, 23:33
I tried removing the wireless card - no joy. Re-installed it - no joy. Dead; deceased; no more.....

But I'm keeping it, against the day when / if the wireless card fails on the other one.

I do like my new Touch. But I do notice it seems to have 25% less volume available than the old SB. And its menu system is - at the least - quirky.


Greg Erskine
2011-10-03, 00:08
Hi all,

I just had my SB3 suddenly die, but thanks to informtion posted in this thread I was able to reseat the wireless board and all is fixed. So thanks to those who take the trouble to post soutions.


2014-03-28, 00:30

My SB3 has died. No red light, tried the PSU from my spare SB3, removed WiFi card, pressed 1 on the remote (Harmony remote) while pluggin in the power supply.

Not a sign of life.

Any suggestions?