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2011-08-22, 10:53
Can some one help me out here - I've done a very dumb thing.

I have configured my squeeze box server for remote access over the internet, set up port forwarding etc on my router - all worked fine.

So I thought I'd put a bit of security on the forwarded ports by using the "Block Incoming Connections" feature.

All well and good, except I think I've set this feature up but not put any allowed ip addresses in. Doh! So now I can't web in to the server from anywhere. How can I turn this feature back off - is there a config file or something that I can manually amend?

All suggestions gratefully recieved.


2011-08-23, 02:04
Fixed by uninstalling, deleting preference files and re-installing, by chance 7.6.1 was released so I took the oppurtunity to do the upgrade as well. Not too painful.