View Full Version : Squeezebox remote control problem

2011-08-20, 05:10
Hello all,

I have a squeezebox, V2 i think with qnap running slimserver PURCHASED IN LATE 2006, my remote control stopped working some time ago, I have now moved house and want to get my music set up again , but cannot connect my squeezbox to my new router without the remote, does any one know of a seller or repairer of squeezebox remote controls in the UK? or have any useful suggestions?


2011-08-20, 05:17
The remote for Squeezebox Touch works fine and so should the Transporter remote, so if you get one of those .

Touch remote does not have the brightness button , so hopefully you have the SB2 set to auto upgrade fw

2011-08-20, 11:29
Look at the remote's LED through a digital camera. You should see the LED glow on the camera's screen when you press a button. If it doesn't glow, try wiggling the batteries & the LED & see if it does. Chances are it's just a duff connection on either the battery terminals or the LED itself. Both easily rectified with basic soldering skills.