View Full Version : No sound from players

2011-08-20, 02:20
Help. I have yet again been promted to update the firmware which I have done, but i was unable to connect, so I did a fresh reinstall from mysqueezebox.com. The good news is that all my missing playlists have returned (they were lost with the last update!) but i cannot get any sound from any of my players (radio, transporter, squeezeplay). I can access my music and see the track, however when i press play it says now playing but no sound. Whats interesting is that the tracking bar does not seem to be moving so its as if the track has not actually started.

This is a new one for me so any help appreciated.

2011-08-20, 05:10
Pull the plug and restart the player ?
Or a factory reset ?

2011-08-20, 06:56
Thanks Mnyb. I reinstalled firmware from nightly builds rather than the version from mysqueezebox.com and this seems to have resolved the issue. I do love my squeezebox players but sometimes it can all be very frustrating!!