View Full Version : SB fails to automatically re-establish WiFi connection

Andy F
2004-10-03, 01:58
I only switch on my WiFi AP when I need to use it - which means it can
be off for days at a time. My SB is left on all the time. When I
switch the AP on, the SB very rarely manages to re-connect. I am
forced to soft reset it - and then it connects every time. This must
be something to do with the firmware. I'm currently running 5.2.0 and
firmware 29 - but I've had the problem with all previous versions of
firmware that I've used. Given that I have no other problems, I'm not
keen to upgrade to a newer version of Slimserver.

The AP is a D-Link DWL-900AP+ and I use 128bit WEP key in managed

Please can somebody explain what the SB is doing when its sitting
there with a blank screen unable to connect (its not even trying as
far as I can see).

Andy F