View Full Version : "Welcome to Squeezebox Server" message in mp3-stream

2011-08-19, 02:32
When I stream music via VLC and switch on the "MSN Now playing" option, Messenger only picks up the "Welcome to Squeezebox server" message that obviously and for qurious reasons comes with the stream.

In the VLC configuration of metadata artist and title are displayed together and correctly in the "Now playing" field while the annoying Welcome-text is shown in the "Title" field. Unfortunately Messenger only shows the latter.

Hopefully Messenger switch to the adequate meta if the Welcome-message is disabled. Can I put it away somehow?

2011-08-19, 12:24
Allright, did my homework and figured out I should change the icy-name settings, suppousedly in the HTTP.pm-file but as far as I can see that one doesn't have those lines. Where shall I look?

2011-08-19, 14:30
Ok, did some further googling and found the accurate HTTP.pm file with the icy-name line. Commented it out and restarted the server. But - gah! - VLC still displays the title-info. No longer the Welcome-message but the stream URL.

Suppose this is a quirky way of communication between the server and VLC and between VLC and the Now playing-option in MSN. VLC clearly got it right in its Now playing-field with correct artist and song info so why doesn't the Messenger just pick that info up and leave the title info to the rest...?

I've had it with this now anyway...