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2011-08-18, 22:07

I tried posting this question over on the Logitech board but after a couple days never received a response. I just picked up a Squeezebox touch, and was hoping to use it in conjunction with spotify and my Xoom tablet to create essentially an in home jukebox for when we're hanging out with friends.

Everything is working, but I can't seem two be able to figure out how to search for a song in spotify from the Squeezebox app and add it to the end of the current playlist. When I find a song, all I seemingly can do is click on it, which stops the current playing song and replaces the entire playlist with just that one song.

I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but I can't find it. Can someone point me in the right direction?


2011-08-18, 22:53
Long Touch for a context menu.
There you have 'add to end'

2011-08-18, 23:40
Thanks for the reply! At least I wasn't far off when trying the context menu.
However, when I long press on a song I searched for, the only option says "nothing" and literally does nothing. The only thing I can do is hit the x button to close it.

Do I need to enable something or change a setting on mysqueexebox.com or the player itself?

2011-08-19, 01:50
Indeed, looks like a bug in the App.
Could it be that Logitech are now running into configuration issues, too ;)

You could try SqueezeCommander, it works there.

EDIT: err.... almost... Except for that long-standing bug that _all_ tracks will be added :(