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2011-08-18, 20:39
This is a bit of a deja-vu issue (see thread 77982) but basically I have an AAC stream that I can only tune into about 5% of the time. I'll get a 'connecting' and then a second later it stops without having done anything.

If I continue to try over and over, eventually I'll play... it almost feels like it's coming into the stream in the middle of a chunk or something and not recognizing what it sees, and it's pure luck when it works that I hit it in the right place... but I've no idea how these work under the hood so I'm just making stuff up.

I turned on some debug and tried to hit the stream which is http://edgev1.den.echo.liquidcompass.net/KNUSAMAAC and got the attached file (The forum software won't let me paste it, it claims I'm "using 8 images" in the post...)

If there's some other log categories I should turn on that might shed some light on what happens between "Got a stream type: aac..." and "Direct stream failed for url..." let me know..

2011-08-19, 00:02
Please don't cross post - it makes it very hard trying to help you.

There have been a number of suggestions made on your original thread ( http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=89675 ) and you have not answered them.

Stick to the original thread.

Since the stream will be transcoded you should enable to DEBUG the logging player.source

Zip the log file before attaching it to a post.

Post results in the original thread

2011-08-19, 00:15
Sorry about that.. indeed I am completely delirious, I didn't intend to double-post. It's been an "interesting" week, I'll leave it at that :)