View Full Version : Help - My Comp Can't See SB and Vice Versa

2011-08-17, 15:07
I had loaded 7.6.1 on my new Dell laptop. Everything was working great for a week. This morning I downloaded software update. Afterwards I turned on stereo and openned Web Control - no SB. Rebooted everything - nada.

SB gives me message to down load SBS onto a computer. SB sees my wife's computer.

I uninstalled SBS on my laptop, reinstalled 7.6.0 - still nothing.

I'm thinking something went wacho with my laptop but don't know where to start.

I can cnnect SB to mysqueezebox and listen to internet radio.

2011-08-17, 19:28
Tried adjusting firewall settings. I'm using CA Security Suite with Windows7.

I can see my Touch on Web Control when I have internet radio playing. Not all information like what's playing and volime. Just on the pull down tab to select player. I can select my Touch then it asks if I want to switch from mysqueezebox to SB Server. When I do the player stops but won't connect.

Touch doesn't show server available and it's definitely running.

2011-08-17, 19:39
I turned off my firewall and it works. So now I know the problem - I just need a solution.

2011-08-17, 20:44
Switched from CA Firewall to Windows Firewall and all is OK for now. CA is provided free by my IS provider.