View Full Version : Issue using 7.6

2011-08-17, 11:21
I have recently upgraded to 7.6 (and then pretty quickly downgraded again to 7.5.6) because some functionality seems to be missing - unless I have missed something

My Music folders are set up as Artist - Album - Songs.

Where I used to be able to click on my Artist folder and say add to playlist, it would add all the albums underneath it and their songs to my playlist.

But with 7.6 I can not do this, I have to navigate into the Artist folder and then album by album add them to the playlist.

Is there some new setting I'm missing?

2011-08-17, 11:44
Works fine for me in 7.6.1...
You have to do a full "Clear and rescan"... also try clearing your browser cache.