View Full Version : Play different music on multiple sb's with music sub services

2011-08-16, 11:30
Should I expect to be able to play different albums on different squeezeboxes at the same time with rhapsody and spotify? Since I only have one touch and no radio, this would be done with triode's plugin for spotify.


2011-08-16, 12:28
Re Spotify, from the relevant "announcement" thread (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=79706):
- supports a single playback session at one time which may be synchronised across multiple players (i.e. does not support multiple differently playback sessions at one time - this is a Spotify limitation)

I'm not sure about playing different streams on Rhapsody. I recall (vaguely and perhaps mistakenly) that you can playback a track on up to 3 sync'd devices, but I don't remember anything about different streams at the same time.

2011-08-17, 07:54
I can play two different Rhapsody streams on two different devices at the same time. Both devices also scrobble to last.fm while playing different streams.

2011-08-17, 09:27
Not using Rhapsody, am using the Triode Spotify plugin. I can stream Spotify reliably at 320K to two devices - either sync'd or playing different streams. If I add a third it starts to skip. If I drop to 160K I can get a third sync'd but not a fourth. Planning on experimenting a little more over the weekend. Doesn't seem to matter what type of devices I sync - Receivers, iPeng playback, Boom, or Radio. If I leave it 'overloaded' spotifyd.exe will die eventually and I'll need to restart it to access Spotify.

Streaming to 3 more devices with a stream from my SBS local library has no impact on the Spotify reliability - I can still keep 3 devices streaming Spotify with another 3 devices streaming local music. Will turn on all the devices this weekend to see if there's any impact, however, I'm suspecting not. Given this, I would expect that the Rhapsody streams wound not impact your Spotify streams.

Running SBS 7.5.4 on a 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium system with an AMD IIx4 2.6Ghz processor and 6GB RAM with the background process given priority over programs (will play with that setting over the weekend).